Look, we know that traveling through airports is often stressful. We have to check in, which luckily we can do online if the apps are working, and then going through security can either be a breeze or bring out the absolute worst in us. Then, we need to find our gate.

Once at our gate, we hope the plane is on time or at the very least there isn't a gate change. Even boarding can be a headache depending on where we're sitting, who is hogging the overhead compartment, and who our neighbors are for the the duration of the flight.

Honestly, maybe we're the nightmare person at times for other passengers.

Anyway, once we're on the plane, the hope is that everyone will sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight with zero issues. Whether we get some shut-eye, enjoy a podcast or music, or watch a move or television show, we hope for the best  and that includes praying the person in front of us doesn't recline their seat.

Planes are already cramped enough and when the passenger in front of us reclines their seat, it's usually super annoying and alters our entire seating setup. However, it's part of flying. It is what it is.

Maybe you're someone who takes advantage of reclining your seat, and in all honestly  it's part of flying that we have to accept.

Enter the inconsiderate jerk. Do what you will with this life hack that will stop the person in front of you from reclining their seat. It's an inconsiderate, jerk move, and in many cases feels unethical for sure, but it's out there.

According to the Distractify website, if the passenger in front of you reclines their seat and you don't like it, then simply turn your A/C vent toward them and blast the air. Talk about making someone uncomfortable.

We would never. Would you?

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