Who doesn't love a nice shopping spree at Target. Well, unless you spend way more than you want to and have shoppers remorse after the fact. Hey we've all been there so no judgement on my part.

Shopping at any big box store can get a bit harried when they're crowded and especially if you have to wait in line with a shopping cart filled with to the rim just like everyone else. Even worse is if you only have a few items while the shoppers in front of you those carriages filled with all kinds of items.

And even worse than that is the person taking forever to pay, which usually happens when someone is writing a check. Yes, check-writers still exist.

All this said, Target has two huge changes that I personally love for these exact irritations I just mentioned. It's all about streamlining the checkout process since that's where most of our frustration happens.

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According to NBC News, starting July 15 you can no longer write checks. Believe it or not, half of shoppers under 55 still use checks in general and if you've part of the check-writing era, you know they take extra steps in the pay process.


According to the Today Show, all Targets should soon only allow 10 items or less at self-checkouts. Believe it or not, there are some of us that run into Target for just a couple of items so this is beyond welcome. Although be prepared that the express self-checkout may not always be open.

Each Target location will be able to set their own hours for self-checkout availability. While the hours of operation may vary based on store needs, Express Self-Checkout will be available during the busiest shopping times.

Happy streamlined shopping, hopefully.

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