A man on Reddit was roasted after pressuring his pregnant wife to dress more "feminine" for an upcoming family wedding.

"I and my wife have been married for [five] years and are expecting our first child. She's in her sixth month of pregnancy. She has a very tomboyish style, wearing only loose t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and caps. She never uses makeup, dresses, heels, or accessories. I don't mind this because it's her personality, and I respect that," he wrote.

"However, next weekend, we're attending my younger sister's wedding. It's a formal and elegant event, and I know my family will judge my wife for her style. They are very conservative and traditional, and they expect women to dress femininely and appropriately. I don't want them to talk behind her back or cause any embarrassment," the man continued on Reddit, adding he asked his wife to "dress more femininely for the wedding."

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"I suggested she wear a nice dress that compliments her belly, comfortable yet stylish shoes, and maybe a bit of makeup and earrings. I told her she would look beautiful like that, and it would be a special occasion for both of us," he detailed.

His wife was devastated and angry about his suggestion.

"She said I was trying to change who she is and that I didn't accept her as she is. She said I was being shallow and that I should care more about her than other people's opinions. She said she would wear what she wants, and if anyone had a problem with it, they could go to hell. I was disappointed with her reaction. I wasn't trying to change who she is; I just wanted her to feel good and fit in at the event," he shared.

"I don't think I asked for too much; I just wanted her to make a small effort for me and my family. Now she's not talking to me, and I don't know what to do. I don't want to cause problems between them, but I also don't want to hurt anyone," the husband concluded.

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Users in the comments section blasted the man for not accepting his wife for who she is.

"He's putting all of his thoughts and emotions on her as if for her benefit. She isn't the one who will be embarrassed. He is. She isn't the one who will be uncomfortable. He is. 'Honey, please wear makeup for your own comfort.' That's got nothing to do with her and everything to do with him," one person wrote.

"I was thinking this the whole time I was reading it. He’s the one who is embarrassed. It’s so manipulative for him to act like it’s for her benefit when he’s the one who wants her to present 'appropriately,'" another chimed in.

"He's been married for [five] years and is still in denial. His wife doesn't like dresses. Maybe she doesn't wear makeup. She clearly has her own sense of style, that he doesn't respect at all. How do these people even end up married? If he wanted a feminine girly girl he should have married someone else," someone else commented.

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