One lucky woman is celebrating after winning the lottery twice in just three months.

According to Sky News, a Massachusetts woman named Christine Wilson won the lottery for a second time in 10 weeks.

Wilson is from Attleborough, Massachusetts and won when she decided to play the 100X Cash $10 instant ticket game. She would go on to win $1 million off her ticket.

Previously, in February, she won her first $1 million after she played the Lifetime Millions instant ticket, which came at a price of $50.

When it came to the form in which she got her payments, Wilson decided to do a one-time payment which equated out to the amount of $650,000.

Wilson used the winnings from her first round to buy herself a new car and then decided to put her second round of winnings back into her savings.

Interestingly, she bought her tickets at two separate locations in the same town. Her first ticket was purchased at Dubs's Discount Liquors. Her second ticket was then purchased at Family Food Mart. That store will not be getting a a $10,000 bonus from the sale of the ticket.

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Previously, a study revealed which numbers are most likely to win when it comes to the Mega Millions and the Powerball.

The luckiest number in Powerball according to the study was 39 and the second-luckiest number is 32. The unluckiest numbers to draw for the Powerball are 7, 44 and 1.

The luckiest Mega Millions number is 31 followed by the number 10. The unluckiest numbers to draw for the Mega Millions are 67, 65 and 60.

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