Heat, high humidity, clean air action days in Michigan. Boy, our air quality has been lousy lately.

First it was the pollen, achoo, then we were told we had to worry about the Cicadas emerging. Nothing to worry about, really, just the noise.


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But now, we have another critter to worry about.


Adult Mayfly (Female) Olive Dun – Baetis tenax
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The Mayflies are back. Every year, these pesky dragonfly type insects hatch and are literally everywhere!

Yuck! I mean Double Yuck!

They are especially bad around lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. And when they emerge, watch out, there are swarms of them.



The exciting news is, not really, NOW is the season in Michigan, late June and July.

They don't live long. Some live for a day or so, and others only about 90 minutes after they emerge from water.

All they do is mate because they can't feed on anything, So a female will mate and then deposit eggs in the water where the larvae spends anywhere from 10 days and 2 years. When they emerge as adults, they arrive all at the same time Bridge Michigan.com Michigan Environment Watch says.



If you've run into the this mess you know how awful it can be. They don't harm you, they don't bite or sting you, they are just disgusting. They're attracted to light, so good luck around the lake trying to fill up your car with gas at night when they're out.

The Mayfly will stick to anything, and since there is usually such a swarm of them,  when you are walking you're just crunching them.

There is really nothing you can do says Bridge Michigan.com, they are just a harmless nuisance!

Okay, I'm really disgusted!

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