For some NFL fans there is something magical about cold weather, outdoor football. After all there's a field known lovingly, whether you're a Green Bay Packers fan or not, as the Frozen Tundra. Some of the league's most storied games have happened in blizzards or in subzero conditions like the legendary Ice Bowl in Cincinnati.

But the NFL may be going soft on cold weather. Or perhaps it just a scheduling quirk, but consider the Detroit Lions 2024 campaign. In a year in which the team hopes to improve on a storybook season that saw them reach the NFC Championship. On their march back to the playoffs, the team will play 14 of 17 games in a dome (or retractable roof stadium) protected from the elements - a stat shared by Lions Nation on Facebook. Only games against Green Bay, Chicago and San Francisco will be played in the elements.

The Green Bay game will happen on November 3, so likely only a fluke chance for heavy snow.

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An outdoor game in Chicago happens on December 22, a much more probable chance for snow.

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A final outdoor regular season tilt happens the week following the Chicago game, a New Year's weekend match in mild San Francisco in an NFC Championship game rematch.

So is it fan comfort? No worries about the variability of the elements that has driven teams indoors?
Whatever the reason, the Lions will benefit greatly from the NFL becoming more and more an indoor game.

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