There may not be a vacation rental like this anywhere in America - a Michigan rental is a renovated former border crossing station. The rental, christened as The Oasis Blue Water, is in Marine City along the St Clair River south of Port Huron.

The facility is perhaps more incredible for the fact that is is a former US Border Patrol station. The rental is at the former dock for the Bluewater Ferry that was once an international border crossing between Marine City in Michigan and Sombra, Ontario. The ferry closed in 2018 after an ice floe damaged the dock. The governments involved did not commit to restore the ferry service so the border patrol facility at Marie City was sold.

Today the large overhang indicates 'Marine City/Duty Free Parking' although there is no more Duty Free or any of the oddities that surround international borders.

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The Oasis rental is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom vacation home that is described:

Close your eyes and imagine standing in a water fall, sunbathing riverside, fishing for walleye, a fire pit, BBQ, all on the St. Clair River.

Welcome to Oasis downtown Marine City, MI with restaurants, bars, coffee shop, candy store, live theaters, antique and unique shopping, all within walking distance. Later, settle in total comfort with incredible surroundings. All stunningly remodeled, clean and extremely unique.

oasis blue water rental rear view
Oasis Blue Water Marine City BNB/YouTube

Take a look inside of this vacation rental at the video below. You'll fly from the face of the building along Water Street (M-29) in Marine City to the rear where the former ferry dock is very visible to a tropical oasis-themed backyard then inside the arrow two story building with living space, kitchen and bedrooms.

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It's difficult to imagine how this facility once housed the operations of the US Border Patrol, but that is indeed what it once was.

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Gallery Credit: Lisha B

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