Many of us find ourselves wandering around the grocery store trying to figure out what to buy to make for dinner. We've seen the signs above the items, but how closely have you really read those signs?

Now that auto correct has taken over the world, many times even if something is typed correctly -- it is auto "corrected" into a word we really didn't want.

Green Opinions For Sale
Photo: Jim-Fran Schaak via Facebook (used with Fran's permission)

Opinions For Sale

A shopper a a local Meijer noticed an interesting sign. Fran Schaak saw that "Green Opinions" were for sale for just 89 cents each and snapped a picture of the sign!

Many people have reacted to this picture...

Alliann asks: "How much for a bunch of opinions?"

Barbara says she'll give you her "opinion for free".

Laura commented: "Even those are going up in price. They used to be free."

Kevin replied to Laura's comment with: "I though opinions were always two cents?"

Lisa observed that: "Whoever made this sign must think that their opinions are valuable since they don’t want to give them for free!"

Bill just wanted everyone to know: "You can't make Polish roses with those."

Lee said: "I prefer green opinions over red or blue opinions any day!!"

Other people just had a hard time believing that someone actually hung the sign up without noticing the error.

Here is the original Facebook post with all the comments.

Misspelled Words Have Happened Before in West Michigan

This is not the first time we have seen words misspelled in the West Michigan area.

Road Sign Errors
Photos: Dave Hastings Sr. via Facebook

You may remember back in April of 2022, road workers installed new signs out near Coopersville. Both "Grand Rapids" and "Coopersville" were misspelled on those new signs. You can read more about that below.

(Hopefully there are no misspelled words in this article!)

ABC's of Grand Rapids

Here is an interesting, alphabetical look at the people and places that played a part in Grand Rapids history.

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