Forget everything you ever knew about Michigan and Coney Island. The Mitten State doesn't use those mittens to eat hot dogs.

Sure, it's the summertime and whether you're hosting the cookout or headed to the ballpark, you'd think a hot dog may be the perfect choice. But, according to one study, Michiganders who opt for dogs are in the minority.

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Ticket Source conducted a study to determine the most popular baseball stadium food in every state using Google Trends data. The data concluded that Michigan's favorite ballpark food is popcorn.

That's right, no matter how many Detroit Tigers fans you see at Comerica Park with a Coney Island dog or a Little Caesars pizza in hand, it's the popcorn that they're really after.

They took the study one step further to see which food reigned supreme in the country between the top two choices: hamburgers or hot dogs. In a fit of blasphemy, Michigan was dubbed a hamburger state.

Clearly, I don't agree with this study. Who orders a hamburger at a baseball game? Especially in Detroit?

Here's some data for you; Visit Detroit has an article detailing what you should eat at Comerica Park. The word hamburger appears zero times. Pizza appears five times. The word dog, whether preceded by "hot" or "Coney" appears 13 times.

On the ballpark menu for Comerica Park on, two hamburger items are sold at the Meijer Market in Section 143, which has a rotating menu. So you can get a hamburger at Comerica, but you'll have way more hot dog options.

I'm convinced the searches for hamburgers that made it the most popular ballpark food in 13 states (and 40 states head-to-head with hot dogs) are people asking if the stadium even sells hamburgers in the first place.

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