One of pop culture's biggest icons in the 1960s and 70s once lived in the city that Michigan calls its capital.

Burt Reynolds
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Reynolds was born in Lansing, Michigan back in February of 1936, and called it home until 1943.

The Lansing Controversy of Burt Reynolds

For a while, many believed that Reynolds did not call Lansing his childhood home. A city in Georgia was claimed to be where he had been born.

That all changed, when in 2015, Reynolds did confirm that he was born in the state capital of Michigan. The Reynolds moved to Lansing when Burts dad got drafted into the army.

The Short Lived Span of Reynolds In Lansing

It was a very short span of time, however, the house still stands in Lansing to this day, and we have the photos to show you a little bit of the inside of the home.

While his connections aren't very strongly centralized in Michigan for the majority of his life, we still have some bragging rights that the actor once lived here in our state's capital.

Burt Reynolds
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Reynolds passed away at the age of 82 back in September of 2018, leaving a legacy that is still known by thousands to this day.

Burt Reynolds Lansing Connection

While it may have been brief, the actor did live here in his earlier years of life in Michigan.

The house today is currently not on the market, so respecting the privacy of the current owners of this Michigan home is important. However, it was on the market for a good amount of time, there are some pictures of the inside of this Michigan home, and we have them available to pursue.

The photos don't show much detail, as at the time they were taken, it was an empty home, but take a look below at the inside of the former actor's childhood home.

Take A Look At Burt Reynolds Childhood Lansing Home

While it may be filled with modern appliances, this is where Reynolds was for the first few years of his life, here in Lansing, Michigan. Take a look below.

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