Although many people who are lifelong, Michiganders will end up retiring in a warmer state like Florida, many people continue to call Michigan home, even after they retire from work. It’s no surprise considering how many beautiful lakefront properties there are in Michigan for people to retire in.

But what city or town is the best town to retire in? That’s always going to be up for debate, considering if the people retiring have family or not still living in the state. One website has apparently determined the best city in Michigan to retire in that apparently everybody needs to go to.

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How Did They Determine The Results?

According to, they used the following method to come up with their determination that Midland was the best city to retire in:

The data scientists at Insurify, a site to compare homeowners insurance, analyzed both proprietary and public data to identify the best cities to retire in 2021. They rated U.S. cities based on a composite score of factors comprising real estate affordability, life expectancy, accessibility to healthcare, low rates of property crime and violent crime, and driver and pedestrian safety.


I don't know about you, but I just don't see Midland as being a place that people seek to retire in. Why wouldn't you want to retire off one of the Great Lakes, or a resort town?

Don't get me wrong, Midland is beautiful, but are people really dying to retire there? Something tells me these people haven't been to Michigan.

Here Are The Best Cities To Retire In Michigan - Ranked

There is a list out there, compiled to help people in Michigan figure out the best places they'd like to retire to. We of course took that into consideration, but we added our own spin to it as well, adding in a few of the best locations you can live, here in the state of Michigan.


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