There are some desserts out there that are just another league ahead of others. When it comes to dessert, there’s quite a leap from eating a scoop of ice cream to eating a cannoli. There is an elite class of desserts that deserve special recognition and one of them is Japanese cheesecake. this fluffy delectable dessert is probably one of the sweetest things that you put in your mouth.

The cheesecake is typically a few inches thick and can be drizzled and topped with many different toppings. Of course, I just found out that Michigan has its first Japanese cheesecake restaurant called Cotton Cake, located at 4972 John R Rd. in Troy Michigan, not far from my childhood home.

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What's the Difference Between Japanese and Regular Cheesecake?

It turns out this may be the thing for you if you're trying to control your sweet tooth, but wanna have a cheat day. The way it is made and the texture of the two differ quite a bit, as the Wiki explains:

It is less sweet and has fewer calories than standard Western-style cheesecakes, containing less cheese and sugar. The cake is made with cream cheese, butter, sugar, and eggs. Similar to chiffon cake or soufflé, Japanese cheesecake has a fluffy texture produced by whipping egg white and egg yolk separately.

Have you tried this dessert before or even been to this location? Let us know how it is when you go and how many we should be prepared to eat when we stop by.

Abandoned Ice Cream Shop, Upper Peninsula



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