Taylor, Michigan: February 1965, John F. Kennedy (JFK) High School began classes, with approximately 1400 students; the first graduating class had a total of 399 kids.

Until the school closed in 2018, the total number of grads was over nineteen thousand.

So why did it close? In 1973 when the new Harry S. Truman High School was built, some JFK students switched schools. According to Wiki, it was decided in 2018 to shut down JFK due to “the facility's smaller capacity, partly it was not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, it had no elevator which could be used for disabled students, and partly because the boiler system and pool heater were not working.”

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JFK alumni gathered for one last goodbye a month before the bulldozing began. The school was demolished in August 2023 and now there are plans to build a new school on the site.

Thanks to Abandoned Central, the gallery below takes you inside the school not long before it was torn down.

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