Have you ever used an app before to order food?

These days, there's an app for everything, including ordering food from your favorite fast-food or quick-service restaurants. I have a few myself for places like Jimmy John's, Starbucks, and Taco Bell.

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Typically, I love using the app because it's easy to order, you can set up a payment and store it on the app, you can earn points towards rewards, and even take advantage of great deals that aren't available if you order in person.

Here's the thing though, you've got to make sure you're ordering for the correct location, which is something you can easily get burned on if you're not paying attention. I've had it happen to me on occasion, and according to Daily Dot, so did a TikTok user from Texas.

When Ordering Via the App Goes Wrong

Near the end of November TikTok user from Texas, @whor3fortaylorswift, place an in-store pick-up order from Taco Bell. All was well until they realized that they had placed the order for the wrong location. And not wrong as in they ordered from the west side of town when they meant to order from the east side of town. No, I mean wrong as in this person lives in Texas and they placed the order for a location in Holland, Michigan.

Sadly, they spent $20 on Taco Bell and could not get the order canceled, so they took to TikTok to let Michiganders in Holland know that the food was up for grabs. Check it out in the video below.

I think we can all relate to the sadness that comes from a moment like this. At the time of writing this, the video has been viewed over 581,000 times. And all the poor girl wanted was some Taco Bell.

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