Americans are pretty set in their ways when it comes to certain things and nothing more so than the coffee they drink. It's the fuel that gets us through the day, so picky is an understatement when it comes to the brand.

Grabbing a cup of Joe on the run is pretty much a staple across the country, so there's some serious competition when it comes to those coffee giants out there. True we can hit up a multitude of national chains no matter where you live, but most of us have a certain love affair with our favorite regional coffee spots.

VInePair created a caffeine-filled list of America's Most Popular Regional Coffee Chains in each state. They noted that many of these chains started small and grew to not only the top choice in their region but across the country as well.

What's Michigan's Favorite Regional Coffee Chain?

Lansing-based Biggby Coffee took the honors as the favorite coffee chain for Michigan, and why not? It's homegrown, or should we say brewed.

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Founded in 1995 in the city of East Lansing, Michigan by Bob Fish and Mary Roszel as Beaner's Coffee. After humble beginnings, Biggby Coffee now has over 390 stores open across 13 states including as far south as Florida.

"Biggby Coffee specializes in mellow, approachable blends and creative drinks like the Teddy Bear latte", VinePair said." According to the brand, it’s on track to have 1,000 locations by 2028."


Now, we get it, this may not be your go-to choice because you're set in your ways, but next time you need a caffeine fix or just want to experience the best coffee Michigan has to offer, head over to your nearest Biggby Coffee and give it a try.

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