Due to major construction, you cannot go anywhere in Grand Rapids without being redirected.

Driving in downtown is a nightmare right now.

However, your commute is even more affected now due to this construction update.

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Fuller-Michigan Intersection Closed

In early June, it was announced that Fuller Avenue was closed north of Michigan ST NE because of "an urgent sanitary sewer repair" that the city of Grand Rapids said was needed.

A month later, the entire Fuller and Michigan intersection will be shut down.

You read that right!

The problem is not only the sewer itself, it is also that the soil conditions are also a big part of the repair problems.


One of the northbound lanes is open, however, there is heavy equipment blocking the southbound lanes on Fuller.

When will Fuller-Michigan officially be closed?

According to the city of Grand Rapids, the Fuller-Michigan intersection will be closed starting Monday, July 8th.

The city says that this intersection will be closed for "3-4 weeks."


Fuller-Michigan Detours

With this major construction closure, where do you go now?

One of your new possible routes is that you can use Diamond Avenue between Leonard and Michigan.

As for southbound traffic, you will have to go to Fulton Street,

If you need another northbound detour, you can use the Michigan-Fuller intersection to go to Plymouth Avenue to Leonard.

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It will be a tad complicated but it will keep you on track for the rest of your journey.

How do you feel about these construction changes? Do they affect your commute?

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