I get a lot of flack around here for being from the U.P. It's true, I grew up in a tiny town north of the bridge where our accents are more Canadian than anything and we referred to people who lived down here as "trolls" and "fudgies". I've been here in Grand Rapids for over a decade now though, so I also consider West Michigan to be "home". One of the greatest sites to see in the U.P. is Tahquamenon Falls located in a town aptly named for its beauty, Paradise. I've been to the falls more times in my life than I can count, but I never EVER considered kayaking over them. This guy did though, and it's pretty impressive!

I would also like to note, for those of you who are curious, that yes, we did have running water and indoor plumbing when I was growing up. Yes, we had electricity. And yes, we even had the Internet (eventually).