Kelly Clarkson and Adele have two of the best voices in music today (and possibly ever). So when Kel covered 'Dele live, two things could have happened: Either it would be amazing or the universe would implode. Thankfully, this resulted in the former.

On the first night of Clarkson's Australian tour, the 'Duets' star, decked out in an Ozzy Osbourne-emblazoned tank, admitted to the crowd, "I've actually been avoiding this song. Literally every fan request has had this song on the list. I've been avoiding it because Adele might be one of the best singers of all time," she gushed. "It's very hard to cover people that are rad. It was also a big moment in her career, but I think it's been long enough. So, I think it'd be cool to do this song in honor of her. Hopefully I do it justice and I don't suck. That's the plan!"

Don't worry -- she didn't suck at all. (As if it were even possible for her to do so!) After dedicating the song to the fan who requested it (he was front row center!), Clarkson crooned a pretty loyal rendition of the iconic track. Clarkson's soft rock version featured more acoustic guitar and drums than the piano-heavy original, but was just as moving and beautiful. Clarkson is no stranger to singing about heartache, so Adele's entire '21' album is a pretty perfect fit for the 'Stronger' singer, who inserted her own runs and ad libs into the cover.

'Someone Like You' is only the most recent in a long line of covers by the 'American Idol' winner, whose previous performances have included her own takes on everyone from Eminem to Mariah Carey. And, predictably, she nailed every single one!