Sometimes when you have an awesome skill, you just gotta show it off-- wherever you might be, like say, in a Food Lion parking lot in Richmond, Virginia. An older gentleman decided that was the perfect place to demonstrate his skill. Which is? "Nunchucking". (Not sure if that's the proper term, but what he's doing I certainly wouldn't call "karate".)

Who knows what prompted grandpa to drive his pickup truck to the grocery store, leave it running, jump out, and bust out some whirling nunchuck moves. Maybe he was dashing out to grab a loaf of bread and it dawned on him, "Holy crap! I didn't practice my nunchucks today! I better do it right here right now before I get kicked out of ninja school!"  Maybe he somehow felt threatened at the Food Lion and whipped out the nunchucks to defend himself. Or maybe, as the pretty funny guy who caught it all on camera supposes-- he's preparing for Easter Sunday, getting ready to "whoop the devil."