With all the controversy surrounding the personal junk exposing "body scanning machines" and the too fresh for comfort "full body pat-downs", a Ghanaian man had "junk" NO ONE at the airport inspections portion of the U.S. Customs Dept. wanted to touch, little alone see in a suit case!

U.S. Customs inspectors at Washington-Dulles International Airport were in for quite a bizarre day at work last Thursday when a man's luggage was checked and they found an elephant tail, a hedgehog, chicken feathers, bloody sheets, seed pods and dirt.

I'm pretty sure this broke up their boredom of having to ask, "scan or pat-down, Sir or Ma'am?"

I had to read this story and really do some soul searching.  After reading the article on the Reuters News Service website, I came to a easy conclusion...  The dude DID NOT have a bomb, anything explosive or illegal.

I say, "hey, everyone has their fetish, I just learned to leave it alone."

This guy, as nutty or not nutty as his is, stated it was for spiritual purposes.  Okey dokey, cool with me!  I must say, "FAR OUT", but right on!  Everyone has their thing.  If elephant tails, hedgehogs and bloody sheets help you get through your day, right on.  He's a strange cookie, but right on.  Some people need farm animal & cheez-whiz wrestling to make them happy, this dude is just as different.  And I am using the word "different" in the nicest way possible.

"This is by far one of the strangest suitcases we've ever opened," U.S. Customs Agent Christopher Hess said of the discovery at the airport, which last year processed more than three million international passengers.

Oh well, Customs Agent Hess confiscated all the poor dude's stuff and burned it, saying,

"regardless of its intended purpose, each item posed potentially severe animal and plant disease threats to American agriculture," he added.

Inspectors confiscated and incinerated all the items except the two elephant tails, which were handed over to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

I guess I can understand not wanting to take chances of infecting our plants or animals here in the U.S. with some funky Ghana disease, and who knows what kind of funky diseases are found in Ghana.  I have no interest in finding out!

The 59 year old Ghanaian man was released with a warning, but must find other artifacts to help his spirituality.

Any thoughts?  I would LOVE to know :)