Michael Bublé recently recorded a video for a six-year-old fan named Griffin who has autism.

Griffin's aunt posted the video to YouTube and had this to say:

Griffin is a 6 year old boy with severe Autism who lives in Calgary, AB. He has a passion for music, and has acquired an incredible love for Mr. Buble. He asks for 'Michael Buble' throughout the day, and his therapists use Mr. Buble's videos as rewards for good work. 

According to his aunt, Griffin goes to YouTube several times a day, types in "Buble", and then picks his favorite videos to dance along to. He sleeps with Michael Bublé playing all night, and his therapists and parents have discovered that Michael Bublé's music is very calming for Griffin when he's overwhelmed or needs a sensory break. life.

When Michael Bublé heard about this young man, he recorded this special message and song.

After showing Griffin the video, his aunt says, "When he watches this he dances around and then blows a kiss to Michael at the end."