Dearborn's Rima Fakih, the reigning Miss USA, has broken the mold of what is expected of Miss USA.  She has even competed on the reality tv wrestling show called "WWE Tough Enough".  Many love her for breaking the mold, while others feel she is too controversial.  Now, her partying has gotten her in trouble. reports :

(Fakih is) suspected of having an all-night bender last week. Her attempts to “lie and cover up” the incident apparently prompted the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) to ask for security tapes to uncover the truth.  

It appears her partying almost caused her to miss some interviews she had scheduled for the next morning.

This isn't the first time Fakih has been in trouble.  Shortly after being named Miss USA photos came out revealing that she had competed in a pole dancing competition.  Miss USA officials were not pleased, but did not find cause for removal of her crown.

Fakih's partying will likely not result in any disipline, but it raises another question.  Are Miss USA officials overreacting?   

An interesting point via

Fakih’s reign as Miss USA is considered a job, and that when an employee is late or is missing the employer will be looking for you, particularly when a national TV interview is scheduled.

Seems like a valid point.  If her partying is effecting her ability to fill her duties as Miss USA it becomes an issue.  If her partying is kept private and does not effect her ability to fill her duties as Miss USA it should not be an issue.