The term "credit card skimmer" has been tossed around a lot last summer as these skimmers have been found at various gas stations across Michigan, including West Michigan. Inspectors have found yet another in Kentwood.

WOOD-TV 8 reports inspectors with the Michigan Department of Agriculture spotted a skimmer at the Shell station in Kentwood, at 28th and East Paris Avenue on Saturday morning.

Thieves place these skimmers inside pumps in an attempt to steal credit card, or debit card, information. Customers are unable to see the skimmers, since they are placed in the pump.

Employees at the Shell gas station in Kentwood say they inspect the pumps for tampering a few times a day. They say nothing unusual was spotted on Friday, so they think the skimmer was placed in the pump after midnight, since it was discovered Saturday morning.

Ways to avoid becoming a victim of credit card skimmers include inspecting the gas pump for tampering, use a pump that's easily visible from the store (for example, try to stay away from pumps that can't be seen easily by employees), or just pay inside.

If you've used a pump that may have been tampered with, be sure to keep an eye on your account for any unauthorized transactions.