'Cause karma is my boyfriend
Karma is a god
Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend
Karma's a relaxing thought
Aren't you envious that for you it's not?

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour
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Swifties know best the pain of the price of tickets when scalpers are allowed to run wild. And, Taylor Swift herself said it best: karma feels great when you see it served. That's why Michigan legislators are hoping to serve some Karma of their own on scalpers.

Say goodbye to frustrating online ticket battles! Michigan is taking a stand against ticket bots with new legislation designed to ensure fair access to concert and show tickets.

Dubbed the 'Taylor Swift bills' after the notorious 2022 incident where tickets to her tour vanished in seconds, these new laws aim to crack down on ticket scalpers who use automated bots to snatch up tickets before genuine fans can even blink.


Have you ever experienced the disappointment of logging on to buy tickets, only to find they're already sold out? You're not alone. Ticketmaster pointed fingers at bots and overwhelming demand for the chaos surrounding Swift's tour tickets.

While the federal BOTS Act attempted to tackle this issue nationwide, Michigan senators believe it's fallen short. That's why they're pushing for bipartisan legislation empowering the Michigan Attorney General’s Office to take legal action against those caught using bots to hoard tickets.
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Under the proposed law, offenders could face fines of up to $5,000 per ticket illegally acquired. It's a hefty penalty designed to deter scalpers and ensure everyone has a fair shot at securing tickets to their favorite events.

So, next time you're itching to snag tickets to that must-see concert or show in Michigan, rest assured knowing that steps are being taken to level the playing field and keep ticket bots at bay.

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