Northpointe Bank, Banking and Home Lending Made Simple!


Northpointe Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and FDIC insured bank providing nationwide loan servicing and competitive deposit products to its customers.

1) What are the best options for me when starting the home buying process?
Before you get started, talk to a qualified, trustworthy mortgage expert! Home buying is unique to each individual. There are things like income and credit score which have a direct effect on which mortgage programs you can qualify for. There are other less obvious factors, such as what your personal goals are (ex: paying off your home in 15 years instead of 30 years). It’s incredibly important to feel comfortable with how all of these things factor in to home buying.

2) What mortgage programs do you offer?
We offer a really refreshing range of home loan products. Truly innovative programs like SimpleLoan, where your loan can be ready to close in 15 business days or less, or special terms for Doctors and Professionals. Add to that, all of the so-called “everyday” products like FHA, VA, Rural Development, MSHDA and Conventional loans.

3) What sets you apart from all the other mortgage lenders in town?
Attention to detail, technology and a true focus on each and every client. Rather than being divided into various buildings scattered around town, or even having call centers out of state, all of our decision-makers are housed in one building. We can respond to questions and concerns extremely quickly, and make a point to do so. Each and every one of our loan and banking experts are extremely knowledgeable in their field.

4) Why should I choose Northpointe Bank?
A strong focus on technology, community involvement, knowledgeable (and likeable) banking and home loan experts, and custom-tailored products and programs.

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