Thursday's reported abduction of 18-year-old Hayley Turner, which set off a massive police search, "did not take place, as originally reported," police said on Sunday.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office has officially closed the investigation into the teen's claim that she was abducted by a man with a gun Thursday night in Bedford Township. She was found safe in Ecorse approximately 16 hours later.

In a posting on the sheriff's department's Facebook page, they said, "Detective Sergeant Jeff Pauli, along with a Special Agent from the FBI, conducted a follow-up interview with the alleged victim. As a result of that interview, it was determined that the incident did not take place, as originally reported."

Police were told initially that Turner was headed to a video story late Thursday and was talking to a friend on her cell phone when she described seeing a man lying in a ditch near an intersection.

Almost immediately following, Hayley told her friend "he has a gun" and the hone disconnected.

Turner's parents rushed to her car, but when they arrived, she was gone and the car was still running.

Hayley Turner was found in Ecorse after reportedly jumping from a slow-moving vehicle Friday afternoon. By Saturday, investigators said she was home and resting comfortably.

It is unclear at this time if their will be charges brought against Turner for falsely reporting the crime.