Ever wonder what it would be like to be filthy, stinking RICH? Well, of course we all have. However, we all imagine ourselves as we are just with a lot of money (and stuff). Little do we know that the rich are just different than everyone else.

Huffington Post posted this list of 12 things that make the rich very different than everyone else.

  1. They're more aggressive when driving...UM, hello? They can just buy a new car if they scratch or dent their current one.
  2. They're less empathetic. They really just don't care about the problems of other people.
  3. They're more likely to take candy from kids. A study showed the wealthy people took 2X as much candy from a "kids" jar at a store.
  4. It's super easy for them to become American's. A federal program says that if they invest a half million in business and create 10 jobs they can be an American.
  5. Their bodies have different genetics. They tend to have healthier chemicals throughout their system.
  6. They will buy name brand meds. Hello, we're always trying to get generics.
  7. They're much more likely to vote.
  8. They worry about things like deficit reduction and low taxes.
  9. They're less likely to be concerned with making the minimum wage higher.
  10. The see a different internet. Web advertisers will try to appeal to everyone so the Richie rich's see things for credit cards and yachts...or something.
  11. They will probably LIKE their jobs. (Not that we don't hehe)
  12. They're more likely to be happier overall.