Going on an awesome road trip this summer? It's only natural that you'll get in at least one argument with your passengers. Here are the top things that set us off while hitting the open road.

Rolling in at # 1: Driving skills..or lack there of. Don't  you listen to them, you are a GREAT driver!

At # 2: Is it hot in here? Temperature control is a potential fire starter.

# 3: Directions- I said exit 33 NOT 13!!

# 4: Where to stop for lunch

# 5: Road rage

# 6: You want to jam out to the radio, your significant other wants to read. Orr the kids just won't SHUT UP! Volume level seems to aggravate road trippers.

#7: Smoking- second hand smoke is no joke.

77% of people surveyed say they look forward to road trips with their loved ones, but they will admit that small tiffs are usually part of that equation.

Just remember- you could always fly..but we won't even start with the list of headaches that brings.