After putting roughly 400 miles on my car this weekend, I feel it's time all of us go over the rules of the road. I couldn't believe what I witnessed people doing while I was driving to Ohio to see family.

  • Never stop on an expressway on ramp. When I was driving back from Toledo Sunday afternoon I saw a huge white Buick sitting at the end of the on ramp to US-23 North. I don't think people understand how dangerous that is. That ramp is there to allow drivers to get up to speed before merging on. Now I'll give credit to the little old lady behind the wheel, when she saw an opening she nailed the gas and got that things up to speed pretty quick, then blew by me. Go granny! 
  • No tailgating. For some reason traffic on I-96 was bumper to bumper heading from Lansing to Grand Rapids, it must have been a mix of holiday traffic and traffic coming from US-23. Traffic for whatever reason started to slow to a crawl, and people were bumper to bumper, not giving any room. Sure enough traffic got going again, and then totally stopped because of an accident involving three cars that were tailgating. I wonder if people understand when there's no where to go, there's no where to go. Impatient tailgating won't get anyone there any quicker.


  • Turn Your Headlights On. We went through this during the winter. I sat in the studio every day this winter taking calls from people complaining that others were driving in the heavy snow with no headlights. Surprise! Same problem with the spring/ summer twilight! You know, that time between daylight and when the sun is setting. Flip the switch from auto to manual because the car doesn't see it as dark, but we can't see the cars with no lights on. Believe it or not, as it got dark, there were still people with no headlights! How does that even happen?


  • Cruise in the right lane, pass in the left. Okay, left lane trolls, I'm talking to you. You are the ones who pop out in the left lane going 65. You're tying up traffic, and causing a very hazardous situation with people stacking up behind you. The left lane is for passing only. If you're a truck driver, and you drive side by side with another truck going 60, we all hate you.

Have anything to add to the list? Comment below! I'll be sure to add your rules to the next 'Rules of the Road' blog post.