Britney fans aren't going to like this.

Yesterday, some huge JERK leaked a cut of Britney singing the first track of her most recent album, "Britney Jean" titled 'Alien'.

The reason this guy is such a huge jerk? The voice of Ms. Spears has absolutely NO editing done to it. So, basically she's not autotuned whatsoever.

Now, I know that's where people veer in two different directions. One camp (the Britney camp...the good camp lol) would say "Well, this is just a warm up...this wasn't the final cut of the song." "She really is talented and not everyone who's good at singing can sing really well ALL the time."

Then, there's that other camp..."This is awful. How is she in the business?"

Producer Orbit Williams said that the singer was indeed just warming up her voice however, some have argued that she's WAY too "on" the beat for this to be just a warm up.