We've all heard of the Parks and Recreation raccoon problem in Pawnee. Seems the squirrels of Norwalk, Connecticut have brought NBC fiction to life.

Department of Recreation and Parks in Norwalk say they're having a hard time keeping their city tree lit due to squirrels chewing through the wires. They say they had a problem with the rodents ruining trees in a nearby park last year, but this year they've moved to the tree just outside of city hall.

TheHour.com reports the destruction isn't costing much money, but repair is time consuming. After employees wrapped the tree in lights, they tried to test it, that's when they found only a quarter of the tree lit up. It took about 3 1/2 hours to repair the lights.

The tree is expected to be lit Wednesday evening, and officials are hoping the shock the squirrels have been getting from the wires will be enough to deter them.

Have you ever had wildlife challenge your Christmas? "Go get the hammer!"