Who Has The Worst Commute, And Not Just On Memorial Day?
When you're stuck in traffic on 131 just trying to get to home this Memorial Day Weekend, you may daydream about living in Hawaii to get away from it all. The nice weather, the sandy beaches, the food... and even the traffic! A new survey that's out reveals the nation's worst traffic cities. A city in Hawaii is #1 -Honolulu! This comes from an organization called INRIX, which studies the daily com
Ford Freeway & U.S. 131 Both Close This Weekend (Use M-6)!
Headaches may turn to migraines for travelers this weekend when both I-196 and U.S. 131 close at the same time! Usually a bunch of you pile into your cars and head north or west to beach and/or cottage destinations.   All I have to say is that you better lock your radio on Channel 957 and crank Grand Rapids' Best Mix all the while leaving before 10 tonight.  Also, plan on driving home or to work o