West MI Easter Egg Hunts
Thousands of children are anticipating the thrill of the Easter egg hunt. View our guide to Grand Rapids-area Easter egg hunts and prepare your family for fun and a little candy too.
Election Day Tips
Tuesday is finally Election Day!  After Tuesday, we’ll no longer have to watch political ads, thank goodness!!  Officials around the state have reported more absentee ballots being returned all ready this year in comparison to the 2012 election...
Last Day To Register To Vote.. Link Included!
Today is the last day to register to vote!  While you may not think that your vote matters, it does! Granted you may not like either choice we have for president, but in elections, there are many more offices that are up for grabs.  City Council members, county judges, auditors, mayors, state representatives and congress people...
GRPD Reminds You To Be Safe During ArtPrize
ArtPrize 8 kicks off today and police are urging the hundreds of thousands people visiting to use caution and common sense while walking around exploring the art. There are 1,400 exhibits at around 170 locations throughout the downtown area...
The Best ArtPrize Entries for Kids
ArtPrize brings thousands to Grand Rapids and kids are always a big part of the event. Many schools take trips to explore ArtPrize and families spend time downtown too. Sometimes the art kids enjoy most is the same artwork that's favored by jurors and the public, but often it's not. Here are the best ArtPrize entries for kids to see at ArtPrize Eight!
It’s Here! The Pizza Box Pizza!
I came across this the other day and at first, it seems really cool!  Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn has found a unique way to box your pizza, that’s good for the environment.  That’s right, now your pizza can come in a box… MADE OF MORE PIZZA...
Which Loss Was More Shocking: MSU/Middle Tennessee or Michigan/Appalachian State? [POLL]
Michigan State suffered a shocking 90-81 loss to Middle Tennessee today. The second-seed Spartans became only the eighth team in the NCAA men's tournament to lose to a fifteen-seed. It brings to mind the Michigan Wolverines football team's shocking loss to Appalachian State in 2007. Which loss was more shocking, the Spartans loss to Middle Tennessee or Michigan's loss to Appalachian State? Read Mo

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