Adorable Baby Loves Her Cat [Video]
The internet almost broke today when it found a clip that combines some of our favorite things: cat videos and baby videos. No longer is there a need to settle for one of the two.
This baby can't stop laughing when her parents bring the family cat into the room—and we think she is all the …
Adorable: Hugging Dogs are Saved from Being Put Down
Love wins, right? In this case, it saved two dogs from a certain doom.
If neither of the two dogs—Kala and Keira—were adopted, they were both going to be put down. This adorable picture, however, saved them.
"Angels Among Us Pet Rescue" on Monday posted the photo to Facebook, and within hour…
Watch This Dog Beg For A Belly Rub
This may be a very short video, not even reaching a minute, but it contains some of the most adorable content.
Within 41 short seconds, this adorable dog begs for someone to rub his belly. The man behind the camera tells the owner to rub the dog's belly and as soon as she does, the dog stops beg…

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