Officer Finds Lost 911 Caller… Then Both Get Lost
Getting lost is an unnerving (kind of scary) feeling so assuming you didn't find your way on your own, getting found makes things so much better and easier. Unless you find yourself in a situation like this... According to, a person in Birmingham, Alabama called 911 after saying he was trying to escape two gunmen and got lost in the woods...
Sorority In Alabama Causes Controversy
Sororities have plenty of ways to try and recruit new girls to be their sisters when they go to attend their University. A sorority at the University of Alabama, Alpha Phi, thought it would be a good idea to make a video that showed just how nice and fun it is to be a sister in their sorority. However, the response they got was not exactly what they were looking for.
Online Celebrity Yard Sale Raises Cash For Tornado Victims
I love a yard sale or digging through all the trashed treasures at a flea market, you? I know it's not for everyone, but what about an online flea market, of sorts, that features a ton of items donated by your favorite celebrity?? A slew of Channel 957 artists like Adele, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, Switchfoot, Kelly Clarkson and Christina Perri have unloaded some of their keepsakes.  I'm thinkin'