Will Brittainy And Steve’s Baby Be A Boy Or Girl? [Poll]
Brittainy and Steve will soon find out the sex of their baby, but before they do, they want to see if West Michigan can guess correctly!
They have their ultrasound appointment coming up next week and will hopefully learn the sex of the baby (it might take a few additional days if the technician isn&a…
New Research: Don't Wait To Feed Your Kids Peanuts
Currently, more than 50 million Americans suffer an allergy, according to the CDC. 2% are children with a peanut allergy. For as long as we've known we've been told to wait to feed children peanuts to avoid an allergy but as it turns out its actually the opposite...
Twins are Born in Different Years
Twins share a lot of things together, including their birthdays but oddly enough, not these twins.
In a San Diego hospital, a twin brother and sister were born only 3 minutes apart but in different years! Jaelyn Valencia was born at 11:59 p...

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