Connie and Fish Meet Baby Charlotte
Last night, Fish had a little shindig at his house. Steve needed to get the finishing touches done on his brand new hairdo and everyone has been patiently awaiting their chance to meet baby Charlotte.
Suggest A Name For Steve And Brittainy’s Baby Girl!
Steve and his wife, Brittainy, got their 20 week ultrasound yesterday and found out that they will having a BABY GIRL!  They are very excited, but now comes that difficult task of naming their daughter.  That's where you come in!
Steve and Britt were waiting until they figured out whet…
Will Brittainy And Steve’s Baby Be A Boy Or Girl? [Poll]
Brittainy and Steve will soon find out the sex of their baby, but before they do, they want to see if West Michigan can guess correctly!
They have their ultrasound appointment coming up next week and will hopefully learn the sex of the baby (it might take a few additional days if the technician isn&a…

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