Squatting is the New Trend in Using the Toilet
Have you been using the loo wrong? Well Buzzfeed posted an article to educate the public on the cleanest way to use the toilet.
We all know that public bathrooms are one of the germiest places. Many people choose to cover the seat with toilet paper to bring give them ease while going...
A Crappy Way to Find Love
You know when you go to a public bathroom and how some have things written all over the stalls, and sometimes you'll see "for a good time call (number)?" Have you ever actually been tempted to call that number?
This guy must've been really desperate because he did jus…
Be Careful Which Public Bathroom You Use
If you have not heard this story yet, let's tell it to you now. In a Kentucky Grocery Super-Center, a woman sat down on the toilet in the public restroom and couldn't get up for 60 minutes because some idiot thought it would be funny to put super glue on the toilet seat.