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Burger King Opens a Spa In One of Its Restaurants
Whoever said you couldn't enjoy a burger in a steam room was lying.
A Burger King restaurant in Finland just opened a spa with saunas and steam rooms. Yes, in a Burger King.
TIME says that the restaurant will feature a 15-person sauna which
Wendy's vs Burger King: Twitter Wars!
Two big fast food chains have beef... and I'm not talking about meat!
It all started, last week, when Wendy's tweeted out their 4 for $4 promotion, which includes a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, fries, four chicken nuggets and a drink.
Burger King decided to throw some shade back by…
DIY Halloween Whopper Costume
Ahhh poop - if you haven't heard yet, Burger King has a limited edition "Halloween Burger". The buzz is not coming from the color of the bun but more so from what it does to the color of your, well...poop. IT'S GREEN
Just so happens that the "Halloween Burger&…
Burger King Unveils the Halloween Whopper [Video]
Just in time for Halloween is the deliciously dark A.1. Halloween Whopper from Burger King. And what makes this new burger dark? The buns are black!
How exactly? A.1. Sauce is baked into the buns causing the color.
According to NBC News:
We tailored the flavor of the black bun to the American palate wi…

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