Parents' Answers to Hot-Button Questions
Being a parent is a tough job. Everyone can agree with that. But not everyone agrees with certain parenting styles.
BuzzFeed polled over 200,000 parents and asked them all types of controversial questions ranging from spanking to homeschooling and vaccinations...
Birthday Cards for a Michigan Girl
5-year-old Lexys Lamp was diagnosed with DIPG, a cancerous brain tumor, this past September. DIPG has a 0% survival rate and Lexys was given 9-12 months to live.
This hasn't stopped Lexys from looking forward to her 6th birthday which is coming up on August 27th and her wish is to have birt…
Preschool In Nursing Home
It's no secret that nursing homes aren't the most pleasant places to be, so a retirement community decided to make a change.
A retirement community in Seattle Washington decided to combine a nursing home with a preschool, that way it is a win win for all involved...
Michigan Tightens Rules On Vaccinations
Starting Jan. 1, the Michigan Department of Community Health will have more rules going into effect that will make it harder for parents to refuse immunizing their children.

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