A Brief History of Scary Movie Clowns
For hundreds of years, we lived in a world where clowns were popularly understood to be funny and whimsical ... or, at the least, not absolutely freaking terrifying. Pop stars sang songs like “Everybody Loves a Clown” and “Send in the Clowns.” Parents hired entertainers i…
Creepy Clowns in Michigan
The silly, scary creepy clown onslaught has taken hold across America and Michigan is no exception. This is the list of every community across the state with reported sightings.
Solution to TSA Lines
The worst part about traveling is the actual process of traveling itself. Going to the airport, waiting in the long security line and waiting some more. We're also at a time where the wait time in the TSA line is the worst it's ever been and some major airports have come up with a solution…