10 "Costumes" to Wear if You Don't Have a Costume
By this point, most people have picked out their Halloween costumes. But if you're obligated to attend some sort of Halloween party and don't have a costume (or don't want to wear one), here are 10 things you can "dress up" as.
Unhealthiest Halloween Candies
Trick Or Treat! The kids are going out and filling their bags with candies from house-to-house. With so many different types of candy we've found a rank of the worst ones for you!
Some of these candies have more sugar in them than a can of soda, and some just have chemicals that aren't good…
100 Years of Halloween Costumes
Every decade has had their ideal costume for people to dress up as. From the wicked witch in the 20's, cowgirls in the 50's, and Britney Spears in the 2000's.
Watch in the video below as the progression of what is perceived as a the "ideal" costume has changed so much…

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