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‘Friends’ Coming to Netflix in 2015
Not to be outdone by HBO's announcement of a standalone streaming service (although totally outdone by Warner Bros.' DC slate), Netflix has picked up a few 'Friends' of its own, 236 to be exact. The streaming service confirms today that all episodes of Monica, Chandler, Joe, Rach…
'Friends' Reunion
Like anyone who lived through the '90s, Jimmy Kimmel loved 'Friends,' but while being a fan of the television staple is wholly understandable, the depth of his affection is, well, perhaps not. Kimmel hosted 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston on his show last night, and while sh…
Why Is Courteney Cox Using A Cane?
Have you ever had major surgery?  I cringe to think of the day I severed my ACL and had to go through two painful years of reconstructive surgery and now Courteney Cox joins the fray.
People magazine says one of our fav Friends just had minor knee surgery and needs a cane to get around town!