Darth Vader

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Returning James Earl Jones to Voice Darth Vader!
'Star Wars Rebels' officially premiered its "Spark of Rebellion" last week to great fanfare, with the series proper to continue on Disney XD this Monday, but already the animated prequel series is making a major link to the 'Star Wars' movies. Not only will Darth Vader cameo in a newly-added premiere scene, but so too will James Earl Jones return to the role!
Tiny Darth Vader Has Never Seen Star Wars
One of my favorite commercials from the Super Bowl last night had to be the one for Volkswagen's Passat in which a pint-sized Darth Vader attempts to do all sorts of things around the house by using "the Force". The little boy behind the mask is 6-year-old Max Page, and he revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood that he's never even seen the Star Wars movies. (And that he hopes to