Trump Returning to GR
President-elect, Donald Trump, is going on a victory tour and he's showing his appreciation to Michigan with a stop in Grand Rapids this Friday.
Trump will hold the event at the DeltaPlex at 7 p.m. The last time Trump was in Grand Rapids was in the early morning hours, the da…
Trump Boots Protesters
In all, Trump's speech Monday night was interrupted more than ten times, with all of the hecklers being removed. At one point, The Donald inferred that the protesters may be "drugged out".
Caption Contest For Limited Edition Detroit Tigers Baseball!
So while driving around town today by the DeltaPlex Arena, I spotted this... A man riding a mini bike with a radio and a cooler strapped on using a dolly as a trailer carrying two 2x4's while smoking a cigarette. WOW! You couldn't pay money to see something like this anywhere else.  Since this guy i…