My First Hidden Gem of Grand Rapids
I've been in Grand Rapids for 3 weeks and one of my favorite things about a new place is stumbling upon the hidden gems, especially when it comes to food. Now, I wouldn't necessarily call this "hidden" but nonetheless it's a gem. I ended up finding Mediterranean Island, an ethnic grocery store that sells international food but the majority is Arabic...
Space Shuttle ‘Discovery’ Retires! [Video]
Do you remember when the space shuttle Discovery launched into space for the first time in 1984? It seems like the world was more into the magnificence of what it takes to get one of these puppies into outer space and after traveling over 148 million miles during 39 missions ... Nasa has decided to call it quits.
Florida Grandma Gets Call From Outer Space!
The Space Shuttle Discovery is on its last mission ... and Colonel Eric Boe is on board the spacecraft making calls to his Nana in Florida! The first time he called Gladys Roscoe was in 2008 during a separate mission aboard the Endeavor, but the 93-year old wasn't home because she was out square dancing...