Buy a Michigan-Shaped Morel Mushroom on eBay for $10K
Morel season is underway and the mushroom is a big part of Michigan. So big that a Manistee Man is selling one on eBay for $10,000!!
Why so much? Because it's shaped like the great state of Michigan.
Lance Miller describes the fungus on his page as:
Roughly 2...
Mom Convinces Son He Bought A $50,000 Car On eBay [Video]
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Local Toddler Up For Bid On eBay??
'It was a joke,' claims an Allendale Township teen who is facing charges for putting her two-year old cousin up for sale on eBay!!
19-year old Autumn Braden was caught after a bidder clicked on the $1,000 Buy Now button, and then called police  to investigate.
Allegedly, Braden took dow…
Jesus Appears on Pizza, Quickly Sells on eBay
We all know that swiss cheese is holy, but it's the mozzarella that topped a pizza in Australia's Posh Pizza that has everyone whispering, "Holy Cheesus!"
Pizza maker Maree Phelan said she topped the pizza with cheese as usual, threw it in the oven and discovered the face …