Help GR Couple Find Lost Proposal Footage
A couple in Grand Rapids got engaged at Rosa Parks Circle on Tuesday... and unfortunately none of the three phones that were recording saved the footage! Let's see if we can help these guys out!
Would You Be Up For A Public Proposal? [Video/ Poll]
Between a message I got from someone who listens to the show, and the Grand Wedding coming up, this is a perfect time to ask this question. If your boyfriend or girlfriend proposed in front of a crowd of people, would you be okay with it?
Buble Marries & Inaba Gets Engaged!
I thought spring was in the air, but it's actually l-o-v-e this season! Prince William just made the world gasp for air when he announced he will not be wearing a wedding ring once he ties the knot with Kate Middleton later this month. Brad and Angelina took a day to getaway and work on rekindling their relationship
The Bachelor Proposes To … [Video]
After telling her over and over that 'she's the one,' 'his family has chosen her for him,' and that he has 'fallen in love'... Brad asked Emily to marry him on the season finale of The Bachelor! Set in a gorgeous South African ravine resort area, Emily said yes, and they kissed while he was on bended knee trying to show her the ring he had chosen for her...