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Ellen DeGeneres Denounces Trump’s Immigration Ban with the Political Allegory of ‘Finding Dory’
Donald Trump incited widespread panic among his many detractors when he first elbowed his way into the American presidency back in November. But even as matters got bleaker and bleaker, some tried to find a silver lining in the notion that a slide into fascism would at least yield some good ‘n’ furious protest art. Little did we know that the most searing indictment of Trump and his policies had already been scripted, completed, and released months before the noted reality TV star took office. I am referring, of course, to the complex political allegory Finding Dory.
New Netflix Instant Releases: February 2017
January’s almost over, and when the calendar rolls over to February, there will be a whole new batch of movies and TV shows coming to Netflix for your streaming pleasure. This month’s highlights include a few big recent premieres (like Pixar’s latest hit, Finding Dory), and a few big Netflix Originals (like the new series Santa Clarita Diet starring Drew Barrymore). The recent Sundance hit I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore shows up next month, and if you’re looking for something to watch on Valentine’s day there’s also a “big, sexy” special starring Michael Bolton. There’s no way that could work out badly for you.
‘Finding Dory’ Review: Pixar’s Fishy Franchise Just Keeps Swimming
Like every other Pixar release, Finding Dory opens with a short film. This one is called “Piper”; it’s about a little bird learning to hunt for food among the scary ocean waves. It’s a terrific showcase for Pixar’s latest advancements in computer animation, which in recent years has taken on the qualities of great nature photography. The sunlight sparkles against the water, which ripples and flows with uncanny accuracy, and when the little bird kicks a pile of sand in a crab’s face you can practically count the individual grains.
Try to Find Dory in These New ‘Finding Dory’ Posters
While we wait for another trailer for Pixar’s long-awaited Finding Nemo sequel, these new Finding Dory posters are taking a bit of a clever approach by asking you to find Dory — though the simple-minded little fish isn’t so good at hiding. The four posters feature the tagline “Have you seen her?,” calling to mind the kind of missing pet posters you might see around your neighborhood. Maybe Pixar should put Dory’s face on a milk carton. (They can pay me for that idea later.)
‘Finding Dory’ Teaser Spots Something Familiar
A new international teaser for Pixar’s Finding Dory has arrived online, and though it does not really offer any new footage from the long-awaited Finding Nemo sequel, it does feature the endearingly clueless Dory stumbling upon something that looks quite familiar. The film hits theaters this summer, and while it’s not a new trailer, this teaser should hold you over until more footage properly arrives.
Meet Two New Whales From ‘Finding Dory’ in First Look Photo
As it turns out, Ellen DeGeneres’ Dory isn’t the only sea creature having a bit of trouble in the world of ‘Finding Dory.’ Pixar’s forgetful blue tang may suffer from short-term memory loss, but in the upcoming ‘Finding Nemo’ sequel we’ll meet a couple new characters also struggling to get by in the deep blue sea. Enter: The rehabilitation center in ‘Finding Dory’s marine life facility.
‘Finding Dory’ Trailer: Pixar Returns With an Unforgettable Adventure
You’d be forgiven for thinking that Finding Nemo didn’t really need a sequel. It was a completely charming, yet contained adventure, wrapped up pretty neatly. But, it was a very, very successful Pixar movie and, these days, that means sequel. Of the first seven Pixar movies, only Finding Nemo and A Bug’s Life (which has seemed to be almost ret-conned out of existence in the Pixar universe) hadn’t yet had sequels, but that’s about to change next summer as Finding Dory opens in theaters.