New MTV Show 'Ladylike' Breaks Gender Stereotypes [Trailer]
When you type the word ladylike into Google its defined as
appropriate for or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman or girl."
Furthermore, Merriam-Webster defines it as:
1:  becoming or suitable to a lady
2:  resembling a lady in appearance or manners :well-bred
Just think o…
Kid Destroys a $15K Lego Statue [Picture]
It's inevitable. When you have kids they're bound to destroy or ruin something and that's exactly what this 4-year-old boy, in China, did. So bad its gone viral.
According to WGN-TV a $15,000 Lego statue of the fox, from the Disney movie Zootopia, was standing tall at a Chine…
Officer Finds Lost 911 Caller... Then Both Get Lost
Getting lost is an unnerving (kind of scary) feeling so assuming you didn't find your way on your own, getting found makes things so much better and easier. Unless you find yourself in a situation like this...
According to, a person in Birmingham, Alabama called 911 after saying he was …
Man Accidentally Orders a Cow While on Sleeping Pills
When you take sleeping pills it's to help you sleep, obviously, but you should also be aware of the side effects. Groggy, loopy, online shopping... wait, what?!
Metro reports that a man took sleeping pills for the first time and while under the influence he did some online shopping at …
Woman Hides Poop in Her Purse on a Date
First dates can always make a person nervous. You want to make the best first impression. Mix that with a poop story and you know you've got yourself a horror (and humorous) date story.
A woman from Toronto shared her story with the internet world, in a series of 18 tweets, and of course it&apos…

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